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Forging connections for SaaS operators

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Communities are a waste of time.

Well, this is where we show the promise. The amazing peer learning, expert sessions, AMAs, networking.
But, we won't. 

Join us, anyway.

Reality - Expectations = ?

Point is we don't want to promise you the moon to only deliver an eclipse. 


We don't want to make bold claims. 

Instead, we want you to see what we are building and once you're convinced nurture it yourself. With us. Together.

Meaning + Enjoyment = ?

We talk business, salaries, career growth, campaign ideas, failures, learnings. You name it. 

We also talk trash. Have you been to our Clubhouse sessions in the past? If yes, you'd know. 


It not, we are again telling you. Join the frigging community.

We debated putting a CTA here. Turns out, you'll have to scroll.

We didn't pay any of them

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About Us
Creative Design

About SaaS Saturdays

s11s community backstory

It was May 2021. Clubhouse opened for Android. We decided to try it out. So we hosted a room themed around SaaS marketing. People joined, chimed in and it became a thing. We christened it SaaS Saturdays. After over 15 sessions, first on Clubhouse then on Zoom we took a pause. You know things do need a little break. Ask Rachel. 

Anyway, we talked to our listeners and decided to launch the s11s community. So here we are. 

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