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s11s Community Guidelines

The guiding principles for the community to thrive and shine at scale.

Pink Sugar

Don't be an affhole.

s11s is a place for people of SaaS.


Though a group of marketers started it, it was never limited to marketers. Today a diverse bunch of folks from multiple functions and sub-functions of a SaaS organization have joined the community.


We're all in this together to create a welcoming environment. Let's treat everyone with respect. Healthy debates are natural, but kindness is required. Help make sure everyone feels safe. Bullying isn't allowed, and degrading comments about race, religion, culture, sexual orientation, gender or identity will not be tolerated.


Respectful community behavior includes but isn't limited to:


1. Being kind and helpful


Not using demeaning, profanity, discriminatory, harassing, hateful, or physically threatening behavior, speech, and imagery.


Raise a flag on the #admin-public channel whenever someone acts against this principle with you or anyone else in the community.


2. Privacy and Identity


To engage with the community, you must have a profile picture! It should include your face. People with profile photos also get more engagement. Please also list your display name as only the name you'd like to be referred to and avoid promoting material such as your company or other social links.


3. Direct Messages & Cold DMs


A direct message ("DM") is a private message to one or more other members. A cold DM is when a DM is sent unsolicited. Request permission (or wait for someone to offer) before you send a private message to another member.


4. Promotion


s11s community is not the place for recruiting, lead gens, calls for funding, or other solicitation or promotions except in channels dedicated for that purpose.


Additionally, cross-posting the same or similar questions between channels isn't permitted. This keeps the community from feeling spammy and allows everyone to participate in the same discussion.


If you're unsure, ask for guidance on the #admin-public channel.


5. Play a positive sum game


Contribute to the community.


Lazy questions will be removed.


Content that is low quality (in form or intent) will be removed.


Posts just to get comments will be removed. 


Please don't ask things you can Google. Please keep the questions in this group high quality. Most basic things can be found on Google. Let's use that instead. Nothing wrong with it - we can't cover many 101-level stuff because it's not relevant to most members.


Strike one, two, and three


Cross-posting, promotion outside the proper channels, and lack of a profile photo after a reminder are all a single strike. When a member receives three strikes, they will be suspended from the Slack group for a period of time.


Repeat offenders may be suspended for a longer period of time or be removed from the community permanently.


Strikes for other conduct that violates the community code of conduct - such as cold DMs or harassing behavior - can also result in a temporary suspension or a community ban.


Figuring this out


Using the Anonymous Bot

s11s-anonymous is not just a channel but a vibe. 


Type /anonymous to send a message. Feel free to send a "test" message to be doubly sure. We don't mind it at all.


Anonymous bot should be used for:


Career-sensitive questions, such as:


"I'm interviewing and…"


"I need to create an SEO strategy and…" and you feel you should already know it.


Questions or feedback about the community, if you don't feel comfortable speaking openly.


Anonymous bot should NOT be used for:


Defaming any member or individual outside of the community. No personal digs at anyone are allowed. 


However, you can share a bad experience about an interviewing experience, a messed up culture, or a random rant. We dig it.


Adding people to the community


Request on the #admin-public channel or better (faster) route - ask them to fill the form at


Requesting new channels


#admin-public is your place to raise any such request.


Using the #job-opps channel

s11s gets a lot of job listings. We let it run wild in the initial phases, and it became an untamed forest. We then introduced a format that is s11s-specific.


You should check out the pinned message to access the form to auto-post a job listing on the channel.


We know that it is a bit cumbersome given a specific form just for this one community, but s11s will always keep members first, and we will always err on that side.


And honestly, it works. Many brands have hired many coveted roles from s11s, and we are happy about it.


So, it might just be worth it.


Admins make the final call


We can remove posts that we don't have a specific rule for but sometimes there's just a certain feeling. Admins will remove posts to maintain quality here.


You can ask for an explanation of why a certain post was removed.


We encourage that.


We will answer in public to make sure we evolve as a group.

PS: It is s11s because there are 11 letters between the first and last letter in "SaaS Saturdays". It is a numeronym, pronounced as s-one-one-s.

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